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"Blood and Sweat Concrete" will be used for human settlements on Mars

 British experts have developed a strong and durable concrete called "AstroCrete" to build human settlements on the Moon and Mars, which contains human blood, sweat, and tears as well as space ash.

The discovery was made by scientists at the University of Manchester, UK, and details have been published online in the latest issue of the research journal Materials Today Bio.

According to the details, the concrete was made with clay that was artificially made exactly like Martian clay.

To convert this clay into concrete, a protein called "albumin" was added, which is abundant in human blood and is an abundant mixture in tears.

Short and limited experiments showed that the strength of concrete mixed with blood (albumin) was the same as that of ordinary concrete.

However, when a small amount of urea was added, the strength of the concrete increased by 300% and it was able to withstand many times more pressures.

The purpose of this concrete is to build human settlements in the future using the resources already available on Mars and the Moon, which will not only be sustainable, but the costs will be affordable.

It should be noted that if we were to transport even a single brick from Earth to Mars, it would cost at least two million dollars (about 320 million Pakistani rupees).

One can only imagine how expensive and excruciating it would be to build a multi-million dollar brick building for human habitation on Mars.

For this and many other similar reasons, it is considered more appropriate to build human settlements on Mars and the Moon using pre-existing natural resources.

"Astrocrete" is another such invention that could realize the dream of "low-cost and sustainable buildings" for human habitation on Mars and the Moon.

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