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Boxer Aamir Khan was dropped off by an American airline

 The boxer, a British-origin Pakistani, Aamir Khan was born after an avion by an American company.

Like a press conference, the British boxer Aamir Khan has confronted a difficult situation because the American company has not been able to descend on the aviation so as not to be able to correct the masked pendant. Salon Law Company Erin American, Lee Wool Light De New York, Dallas. At the same time, 2 passengers do not portend the correctness of the masquerades that have been demanded by the passers-by on the refusal of passers-by who have rested and their passers-by.

On another occasion, boxer Aamir Khan announced on Twitter that the American Voyager's participation in the United States is a very trivial matter. The video that came to my mind came first.

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