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Famous radio and television actor Qazi Wajid passed away three years ago

 Today marks the third anniversary of Qazi Wajid, who played a memorable role on radio and television.

Qazi Wajid's real name was Qazi Abdul Wajid Ansari, he was born in Lahore in 1943 and settled in Karachi with his family after the formation of Pakistan. He started his artistic career at the age of 10 and for the first time showed the essence of the voice in the children's program 'Nonhal'.

He stayed connected to the radio for 25 years and wowed everyone with his brilliant voice. When Pakistan Television started in the 1960s, Qazi Wajid joined it. His first television drama was "One Way," in which he played a negative role. Later, in the year 1969, the drama "Khuda Ki Basti" started and Qazi Wajid got the role of Raja in it, which made him famous.

Qazi Wajid has played countless roles on television, but is remembered for his memorable roles in "Sunshine, Unspeakable, Loneliness, Eve's Daughter, God Town, Eclipse, Bridge Two Bridge, Adult Education, and Anarkali." He will always be remembered

It should be noted that Qazi Wajid passed away on February 11, 2018 at the age of 87 in Karachi due to a heart attack. He was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence on August 14, 1988 by the government for his outstanding services to the arts.

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