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Forrest Gump Movie Review

 Forrest Gump

Comedy plus Romantic Drama

Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Ten percent of the truth about it is not known to others. Because most of us never tell anyone the truth about our bitter truths. The narrator is just the voice of China.

In the same way, we often avoid telling the bitter truths of society. That is the habit of hiding under the dirty carpet. How strange it is that here the liar is considered wise while the truthful is considered foolish and simple.

It is said in Pashto that a child of a house can tell about the internal conditions of one's house or a house maniac.

So if anyone can tell us the truth about life and society, he can only tell a madman.

Forrest Gump is a great Hollywood masterpiece and one of the best comedy-drama plus romance movies in Hollywood.

Forrest Gump is actually the story of a simple man who shares with you some of the bitterest memories of his past life without any mixing. These blended memories, on the one hand, cause you to put a smile on your face from moment to moment. On the other hand, it makes you sad as well as make you think. These memories seem to cover the bitter realities of life and the shortcomings of society in a humorous, happy and entertaining way. Every scene in the film is meaningful. Whether it's a Tom Annex race at a rugby ground, a rescue of his military comrades in Vietnam, or a handshake with the US President, those who haven't seen the film yet should watch it at the first opportunity. Tom Annex's fearless and lively performance can be seen in this film.

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