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I wish Naseebo Lal would sing the next PSL anthem too, Hira mani

 Actress Hira Mani while praising the PSL 6 anthem in Naseebo Lal's voice has said that I want Naseebo Lal to sing the next PSL anthem.

The song "Grove Meera" from the sixth season of the Pakistan Super League has been the subject of harsh criticism since its release. Even on the day of its release, the song remained trending on Twitter for most of the day.

In criticizing the hymn, people have once again objected why this time the hymn was sung by other singers instead of Ali Zafar. While many people objected to Naseebo Lal saying that his voice was not suitable for the PSL anthem.

The artists have come out in support of Naseebo Lal after being heavily criticized on social media. Actors Adnan Siddiqui and Faisal Qureshi tweeted in support of Naseebo Lal and said that it is very easy to criticize anyone and destroy hard work in no time. "My Grove" does not deserve so many criticisms.

And now Hira Mani has written a long and comprehensive post in support of Naseebo Lal. Sharing a photo of singer Naseebo Lal on Instagram, Haramani wrote, "Wow, wow, what a song, this voice, this style, this is the real artist." Interestingly, this sound has been the heartbeat of millions since 1980. The age of the internet has now arrived and even in this age Naseebo's voice has killed six. And best of all, the PSL song has not been as successful as it used to be.

Hira Mani further wrote: "Ma'am, we respect you. What do these elite burger critics with fewer followers like us in the internet age know about what real fans are?" The success of our destiny and the voice that cannot be digested, puts his mouth on the pillow and sleeps. I bet no one can sing in this field even in dreams.

Hira Mani thanked the PSL leadership and said six have died before the game. Whoever takes the hand of Allah is not afraid of times. May Allah make you more successful. You are the queen of PSL. And now you've sung the songs before PSL. This is the wish and request of your big fan Hira Mani. We are proud of you.

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