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Instagram is making girls mentally ill, Facebook admits

 Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, has admitted that its app, Instagram, has a negative effect on the brain, especially among teenage girls, as it emphasizes physical features and facial expressions. Instagram said it would reduce the trend and discourage users from focusing on physical appearance.

A report published a few days ago in the Wall Street Journal indicates that over the past three years, Facebook pundits have been researching Instagram, which was purchased in 2012. In short, the app from photo-sharing creates "toxic effects" on teenage girls. The platform even makes girls mentally ill by emphasizing body image and appearance.

According to the newspaper, 13% of girls in the UK and 6% in the US said they thought they would end their life after checking Instagram. In other words, after being associated with Instagram, one in three teenage girls seemed dissatisfied with their physical appearance.

However, Kareena Newton, public policy manager at Instagram, said that while some people talk about "negative experiences" on Instagram, the underprivileged connect with their loved ones and families through the app.

According to Facebook, her organization is trying to understand the complex and difficult issues facing teenage boys and girls. The company said it will provide assistance to resolve the issue.

The Wall Street Journal says that teenage girls compare themselves to others. For example, when a person exhibits an item of value or wealth, viewers compare themselves to it and thus become depressed. According to Instagram, attendees will be invited to step away from these trends and discuss and post on other positive aspects and topics. According to Kareena Newton, efforts will be made to change the entire culture of Instagram.

However, Facebook's searches were also announced in 2020 to key company executives, including Mark Zuckerberg.

However, other analysts are not happy with Facebook's childish consolation as they have repeatedly asked Facebook and Instagram to review their policies in their blogs and articles. Preparations are underway to launch Instagram for children, which could cause more problems for children, according to these analysts.

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