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Now foreign films will be screened in Pakistan: a big decision of the government

 The summary for screening of all international films will be submitted to the Federal Cabinet after amendment. According to details, Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry has said that for the revival of the cinema industry, a proposal was made to screen non-Indian Punjabi films in Pakistani cinemas.

Don't limit it, but all international films except India should be allowed to be imported into Pakistan, so now we will resubmit the summary after editing. "In the 70's we had 780 cinemas but now there are only 78 cinemas and if we don't take immediate steps to revive cinema and film, our film industry which is already almost shut down will be completely shut down," he said. Be done We are bringing a film package for this and have also taken practical steps to revive the cinema and it will be announced by next week.

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