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The Father Movie Review Guardian

Film: The Father

Gener: family drama

Director: Florian Zelle

Rating: 8.3 IMD 98% Rotten Tomatoes

Old age Problem making etc.

However, childhood is carefree and safe, while old age is a combination of worries and anxieties. Anxiety about the end of life's journey, anxiety about the gradual suffocation of breath. And the torment of inattention and loneliness. Just as a child's early childhood needs the full attention of parents. In the same way, in old age, parents are in dire need of their children's attention.

In the latter part of life, a person suffers from a variety of diseases due to a weakened immune system. Dementia is also a disease that mostly affects the elderly. Dementia affects a person's memory, ability to think, understand, communicate and make decisions. That is, it is a disease in which a person's ability to make mistakes and perform daily mental functions is lost. In general, this disease is also called amnesia.

Old age is in any case a torment, helplessness, helplessness, and decay. The persecution that leaves even the sense of man's memory with him, repentance, repentance, torment every moment, torment every moment. The director Florian Zelle has tried his best to make the audience feel all the conditions of a lonely person suffering from dementia in his middle age. In which they have been quite successful.

In our country, parents and elders often have the companionship of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren at all times. In the West, however, children follow in the footsteps of birds, and the elderly are left to rot in the walls of old houses alone. Even if they are taken care of there. There is no denying it. But this idea is actually devoid of the love of one's own. This stagnant dry idea can never make up for the loss of loved ones.

 By the way, all the scenes of the movie are the best, but the last scene in which Anthony Hopkins cries and says Mami Mami. It's a heartbreaking sight. Meanwhile when the camera slowly shows the scene outside the window. In which the leaves are connected to the trees. This is the message that is about to come to an end. Another leaf is about to wither and fall off a branch.

The father movie review guardian

 Not every movie is special to the general public. Especially long dialogues and editorialization in a short space can break boring people. In Father, Anthoney Hopkins has played an unforgettable role in life. Hopkins' lively and terrific performance in the film cannot be praised. Very nice and great work done. Hopkins' best performance in the film won him an Oscar. Of course, they were rightly entitled to it.

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