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Is There a Connection Between COVID-19 and Drug Use?

 The new Coronavirus pandemic has brought about enormous changes in our lives. Contracting the COVID-19 virus instantly implies rules or Covid procedures like going into isolation to interrupt the chain of transmission. This is a shock for many.

Many situations have been observed where isolation and social alienation generated sadness, anxiety, nervousness and tension among persons. The unusual scenario has harmed the emotional well-being and behavioral health of many people. People throughout the epidemic are also noticed growing more drawn towards alcohol and narcotics.

Moreover, persons already going through de-addiction therapy and are in the recovery period have increased possibilities of recurrence during the pandemic. Those with a family history of addiction and chemical dependence have increased possibilities of drug usage.

Risks for addiction

The epidemic has created the danger of drug addiction for many individuals. Since isolation has a detrimental influence on individuals, they have grown prone to sadness, loneliness, tension and fear, pushing them to seek consolation in drug misuse.

Those who are already in the grip of addiction face higher danger, induced by restricted access to support network during the epidemic. It gets ominous in case of any emergency.

With the commencement of the pandemic the likelihood of tainted and falsified medicine supply has gone up twofold owing to scarcity in supply and rising demand. There are examples recorded where, individuals have been compelled to incur risks by using tainted medications during the pandemic.

Social separation has limited drug availability. As a consequence, individuals have acquired a heightened appetite for these medications. Higher number of drug relapse cases has been observed during the epidemic.

However, taking alternative medications or bogus versions further reduces the immunity of individuals leading to various medical concerns throughout the viral epidemic.

Advice for tough times during the epidemic

During the lockdown, self-isolation may have a harmful influence on people's brains. The hunger for drugs, alcohol, and other substances has developed has gone up to a large degree. But, one has to manage the intake of drugs much more at these periods.

You can feel completely alone, away from family and friends, nervous, lonely or bored. Your urge to use more drugs and alcohol could drive you wild, especially if you are battling anxiety during these challenging times. It is recommended to be calm, use relaxation methods, spend time performing home tasks or any activity that makes you pleased. You may also get help through virtual networks. Take time out to chat with your loved ones to soothe your suffering.

Precautions to take

It is quite risky if you take to drug misuse while you are all alone since in case of any issue you could not be able to aid yourself. Always have the phone numbers of crucial individuals, who can assist you out at the moment of need ready.

More health recommendations

Smoking cigarettes, alcohol, or other drug usage increases the chance of becoming infected with Coronavirus since these substances impair immunity.

Moreover, any drug addiction, chemical dependence, or alcohol contributes to sleep problems. It is essential to eat healthily and get appropriate sleep during these hard times.

If you're in the recovery phase or need help, build up your support network which may be conveniently available. Eating correctly, exercising frequently, and keeping a healthy lifestyle help prevent the need for drugs or alcohol.

Managing your psychological health and getting support

The breakout of the Coronavirus pandemic, the methods implemented to prevent its spread have significantly affected our life in so many ways. According to a new survey, there is a dramatic spike in the use of alcohol, and other drugs. The situation has gotten more acute as individuals have begun taking drugs without a doctor's advice. It is always better to speak to a professional and seek correct therapy and not turn to self-medication.

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